Design Insight

We uncover the emergent trends influencing the future of your market and translate them into tangible business opportunities.

We track the macro and micro changes affecting your market and translate them into insights that can be applied to product design, service design, business strategy and technical development.  

We use a range of design insight tools to inspire your team and identify commercial opportunities:

Cultural and social trends
 - we use the latest insights on people's changing attitudes, behaviour and lifestyles to create reports, brand maps, persona profiles and future scenarios.  

Design and technology trends - we identify the visual design trends likely to influence products and services, and track the latest technology developments. 

Design semiotics - our semiotic approach to understanding the cultural meaning and expectations attached to products, services and consumer behaviours ensures designs correctly communicate your branding and positioning.

News & Insights


‘Insight Driven Innovation’, PDD features in New Design Year Book 2017

Vassilios Kanellopoulos talks to New Design magazine about PDD enjoying another successful year creating innovative products, services and experiences for clients the world over.


Risk management: Tips from Bunyadi, London's first naked restaurant

So the waiting list for London’s first naked restaurant has gone through the roof. The Bunyadi opens in June 2016 for three months and claims to offer diners an experience “free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern life” including phones, electric lights and even clothing.